Backache when running: you must also strengthen the muscles deep

Running and muscle building are the perfect combination to run better, but be careful not to neglect the deep muscles to avoid back pain.

Knees, heels, calves, running enthusiasts are often subject to many pains. The back is one of the parts of the body that may be concerned.
Researchers at Werner University in Ohio, USA, wanted to understand the causes of these pains and how to prevent them. They realized that the foot runner's backache usually comes from a lack of deep muscle development.

A muscular imbalance that causes back pain

Most people do not have deep muscles that are highly developed, it is often the abdominals that are worked by athletes. Scientists assessed muscle movements during physical activity with motion detectors and force-determining trays.
"We measured the size of the riders' bodies and made them a computer model specific to each person," says Ajit Chaudhari, director of the study. Underdeveloped deep muscles, and therefore weak, force the abdominals to work more to compensate. The abdominals tire faster, and this muscle imbalance can create pain.

These are not the chocolate bars that make you run well

"Working for chocolate bars and trying to become a better runner are two very different things. If you look at the excellent runners, they do not necessarily have the chocolate bars, but their muscles are harmoniously developed, "says Ajit Chaudhari.
For these scientists, it is better to muscle the deep muscles with specific exercises, away from conventional abdominal muscle building.

"Static exercises that require you to use your deep muscles and keep your body in place will really make you a better runner," concludes the researcher.

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