Attention parents in danger! It is not necessary that old age rhymes with losing weight

In France, 450,000 seniors are undernourished, which represents 1 in 10 people over 80 years. Undernutrition is the first cause of falling, memory loss and very quickly autonomy. Set up a vicious circle that can not be broken without outside intervention. This is the role of children and grandchildren.

66% of French people think, wrongly, that it is normal to eat less when one is old, and normal to lose weight! and almost - 60% - of doctors are convinced of the same thing.

It is true that there is a rule that is taught in all faculties of medicine: the reduction of physical activity has a consequence on which everyone agrees: the machine needs less fuel
But if the real motive is the bad dental condition, the isolation, the bad-to-be-living that is also called depression, or simply less and less healthy finances, weight loss is no longer physiological so normal and then takes the name of malnutrition.

And undernutrition is a little candle that we put in a stream of air, even very light. It always ends up going out! Undernutrition has consequences on the functioning of the main organs, but it is also the first cause of fall, loss of memory and very quickly autonomy. Set up a vicious circle that can not be broken without outside intervention

The severity of this malnutrition is still underestimated

Nearly 40% of doctors admit to weighing "only sometimes" their patients over 70 years!

On the family side, but also that of the elderly, the misconceptions are still well rooted: It is therefore essential to inform doctors, the general public and more particularly the elderly on the risks and consequences of undernourishment ignored, especially the summer when dehydration increases the risk.

For children and toddlers there is a check, to be done in the elderly, which does not deceive: An empty refrigerator ... or full of expired products are among the most revealing signs.

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