Sauna benefits for heart and blood pressure are confirmed

The sauna has multiple benefits on stress, lungs, skin, muscles and rheumatism, but its impact on the heart was unknown. It is done and the cardiologists will be able to prescribe it.

Conducted on 100 subjects in the "Sauna and Cardiovascular Health" project, a Finnish study analyzes the changes that occur in the human body during and after a 30-minute sauna session.
Scientists have found that after half an hour of sauna, the average systolic blood pressure of people increases from 137 mmHg to 130 mmHg and their diastolic blood pressure from 82 mmHg to 75 mmHg.
The improvement also affects the vessels, along with a slight increase in pulse, they observe a clear arterial relaxation. Exactly as when practicing a medium intensity physical activity. The study is published in the journal Journal of Hypertension.

The principle of the sauna is simple

A heater raises the temperature of a wooden cabin to 80-90 ° C. We lie on a bench after taking a good shower and after five to ten minutes, the body begins to sweat profusely. We can then cool off, outside, with an increasingly cold shower and then return several times to the warm atmosphere. The alternation of 3 or 4 swings with a cold shower, then a rest lying cool for at least 30 minutes, provides an important well being that the French have recently discovered in some sports clubs.

A Finnish ancestral tradition

For 2000 years, the Finns have made the practice of sauna a pleasure almost daily. So, why did we take so long to learn about this millennial practice? Simply because, for lack of knowledge, medicine has long sown doubt.
For years, Nordic medical studies have shown the benefits of sauna over stress, skin, muscular and rheumatic pains, but also when many doctors believe the opposite, on the heart and blood circulation.

A benefit for the entire cardiovascular system

Certainly the heart rate increases after ten minutes at this temperature, presumably because of muscle relaxation, but no more than when climbing a staircase. The blood circulation is accelerated, but the heat that is rapidly transferred from the skin to the heart, lungs, and brain increases the central circulation.
Some Nordic cardiologists even advise, unlike most of their French colleagues, the sauna as a complement to treatment hypertensive people or suffering from arteritis. Pneumologists advise their practice in respiratory tract infections, dermatologists in urticaria and acne.

No benefit on weight

The elimination of toxins by sweat, relaxation and relaxation of the muscles make it the ideal complement to sports.
On the other hand, it is necessary to fight against a received idea. The sauna has never lost weight. You will probably lose one or two kilos per session, but it is water that must be consumed as soon as possible under pain of dehydration. We can therefore simply conclude that this is an indisputable means to heal his body hygiene.

We say in this corner of northern Europe "If you are able to go to the sauna ... you will support the sauna! ".

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