Marseille: La Timone hospital fights against bedbugs, 2 services moved

Bedbugs infested 2 services at the Timone hospital in Marseille. After treating the problem classically, the direction of the hospital set up great means in front of the little success of the initial treatment: she moved 2 services to decontaminate a whole floor.

Bedbugs infested 2 departments of the Timone hospital in Marseille. This infestation occurs while an entire area, the Belle de Mai, in the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille, has been infested for several weeks by bed bugs.
Despite the initial treatment, the infestation continued and the hospital management moved 2 services to another unit for intensive disinsection of the entire 12th floor.
The goal: to stop the extension of the infestation with this "heteropterous" blood-drinking. Do not waste time fighting this vampire modern day because a female lays about ten eggs a day ...

Contamination by a patient

The management of the hospital explains that the bedbugs were brought by a patient who was hospitalized in neuro-oncology, the 12th floor of the Timone at the end of December. As soon as bedbugs were found in her room by the staff, it was thoroughly disinfected to prevent spread and over-gowns and gloves were used by staff.
Unfortunately, a few days later, bedbugs were identified in other rooms of the same unit, as well as in the staff locker room and the staff break room.
To cope with this situation, the management made the decision to completely close the 2 units of the 12th floor to disinfect it according to the recommendations of the Committee for the fight against nosocomial infections.

A disinsection that is complicated

Although tiny, the bedbug is tough. She can even stay 2 years without food (blood) and stay hidden in the dark places of housing or rooms.
In addition, the beast is tough and it is resistant to insecticides. So do not bother to settle for a bomb of insecticide. Moreover, since the products do not act on the eggs, it is necessary to pass a second time to destroy the larvae. Two interventions at 15 days-3 weeks apart are therefore necessary to get rid of the pest.
The cleaning agents will have to redouble their attention when cleaning the premises. With each vacuuming, the bag must be discarded. If the bed base and mattress are their preferred home, these heteropters can hide in baseboards, cracks, wallpaper, electrical outlets ... All dark places where they will be protected from the light for a long time.

How to spot bed bugs?

Bed bugs are mostly seen in the tracks they leave behind. Its punctures, painless, leave small red plates in a straight line or clustered in the same place. They are often numerous.
Voracious, the beast can feed up to 90 times a night. Black stains or blood on the sheets are also a good witness of their presence. In fact, after being fed with blood, the Heteroptera leave feces. Hosts, decidedly, very indelicate.

The bedbug, this scourge

For nearly fifty years we no longer heard of her. But recently, the bedbug has made a smashing comeback in the cities.
This tiny insect, no bigger than a pip of apple, nestles in mattresses, armchairs or even wooden furniture. His habit is to go out at night and sting people to feed on their blood.
If the bedbug is not dangerous for humans, although some people get allergies, it can make our lives a real hell.
In 2016, in France, 180,000 sites were treated by professionals, according to the Chambre Syndicale des Industries de Disinfection et Deratisation.

The management of the hospital hopes that the problem is almost solved because the last case observed goes back a week. The eggs take about a week to hatch, it remains to do a second disinsection because the eggs are resistant to insecticides, but not the larvae.

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