Influenza-positive, a child of two and a half years is in a coma in Nice

Doctors repeat it every year, a little in the desert, the flu remains a serious disease that kills in France much more than the road ... Of course, the victims are mainly weak people: elderly but also chronically ill, category to which n escapes any age of life; or even small children. All resuscitation services fear her because most cases are in a coma, like this little Niçois.

Few people escape the flu throughout their lives ... But forget very quickly the state of deep unease that causes, because the flu heals without sequelae. But the real flu is a moment when the body undergoes a real pounding, by this virus that reproduces at a crazy speed in the body. Fortunately, he is rather fragile and very sensitive to fever, which is our main defense. The flu leaves an organism tired for long weeks.

Fragile children must be vaccinated

There is no doubt about it: all children who suffer from chronic diseases, who have respiratory problems, so-called "fragile" children, must be vaccinated. Which is theoretically the rule in France. American pediatricians recommend vaccination against influenza from the age of 6 months, to protect them, but also with the hope of seeing the importance of the disease decrease over time.

This is the race against the clock that is engaged each year, the specialists of the disease: observe and predict the mutations of this very fickle virus. From one year to the next, viruses are similar ... except that sometimes one becomes very different. This is when we fear a global epidemic, facing an enemy that was not expected and that especially, we do not know.

An attack by a virus causes the body to make specific defenses, which explains why one does not make two real flu the same year and that one is protected against the virus the following year if this one does not knows no significant change. This is generally the case and therefore requires a new vaccination. Those who are affected by what they call a "second flu" are infected by what is called a flu-like illness, which is an infection that resembles the flu. They are, in fact, the victims of another virus than that of the flu.

You have to get vaccinated every year

Every year, the viruses that reach France are either the same as the previous year or carry a certain mutation. This explains that the composition of the vaccine changes a little, but also that each year, the protection is increasingly effective for those who get vaccinated every year. This is probably one of the effects of widespread and free vaccination among seniors, which explains that severe influenza affects adults younger and younger.

The flu is a virus, so insensitive to antibiotics. These are prescribed only if a bacterium takes advantage of the state of weakness of the body to infect it. If this is not the case, abundant drinks, paracetamol ... and bed rest, enough!

On the other hand, and the story of this little Niçois still shows it, in case of the alteration of the state of someone who has the flu, it is important not to wait until the consciousness deteriorates to warn the help. Dehydration can be extremely fast and it is after, very quickly, a race against the clock.

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